Automotive& Motor Cycle Type Approval (TA(Conformity of Production (COP):

Type approval (TA) is a confirmation which certifies compatibility of the production samples of an automotives& Motor Cycles model or parts in used or produced with the standard technical necessities. The purpose of the automotives& Motor Cycles type approval (TA) is confidence of compliance with safety, environmental and operational features in design and manufacturing of the production. Type approval (TA) takes place in different tests on performance systems, evaluation of automotives& Motor Cycles appearance features and test results conformity with the requirements of the relevant standards. Monitoring of all production processes (from early design to final production of vehicle) has significance in these inspections. The purpose of conformity of production (COP) is evaluation and conformity manufactured productions with the prototype that has already been approved. Conformity of Production (COP) has been done in two stages: initial evaluation and periodic Evaluation.