Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection, also called pre-shipment inspection or PSI, is a part of supply chain management and an important and reliable quality control method for checking goods' quality while clients buy from the suppliers.

It ensures that the production complies with your specifications and/or the terms of your purchase order or letter of credit. The Final Random Inspection (FRI), or Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI), checks finished products when at least 80% of your order has been produced and export-packed. Samples are selected at random, according to standards and procedures.

Although increasing numbers of clients would like to collect suppliers' information from the Internet, this contains high risks because it is not a face-to-face transaction, and Internet phishing and fraud can corrupt it. Pre-shipment inspection can greatly avoid this risk and ensure clients get quality products from suppliers.

This way the buyer makes sure, he gets the goods he paid for. The inspection comprises of a detailed visual and dimensional inspection prior to delivery. Generally, it will be conducted at the mills of the manufacturer, and on samples randomly selected according to stated sampling procedures.

The inspection criteria covers quality, quantity, marking, packing, and etc., all of which are based on the specifications and reference samples provided by customer.

Upon completion of the final random inspection, a detailed inspection report has to be sent to the client, while an inspection certificate is issued to the supplier at the same time on occasion that all the findings are positive

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