Elevator, Escalator and Lifting Equipment Inspection

The history of the elevator began more than 160 years ago with the industrial revolution and the growth of cities.

In recent years the constructions of sky -highs have been rapidly increased and witness the spread of high buildings in most cities of the world. However, the most important and inseparable requirements of the elevator and escalator is its safety and the application of various techniques and equipment to provide safety for the users, maintenance personnel and people who are crossing near the elevators and escalators. we inspect elevators and escalators prior to commissioning and before their initial operation and also during use of them. This is a legal requirement inspection from Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) and EGP Co is ready to render various kinds of services in connection with in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz provinces and is also ready to grant the relevant licenses in the short possible time.

The elevator and escalator inspection services:

    1.    Inspection of passenger, goods and services Elevators

   2.    Inspection of electrical and Hydraulic elevators

   3.    Periodical inspection of elevator

   4.    Inspection of escalator and moving walks